What You Should Do Before You Shop for Your New Home: Tips & Tricks

You just got your hands on the keys to your new place and the excitement to start shopping immediately is almost uncontrollably…that gorgeous cream leather sofa that is on 50% off today, it should fit, right?

Hold on.

Purchasing a furniture piece is unlike buying a pack of chips in new flavor. Furniture are considered huge ticket items that are going to be placed in your space for a significant period of time. Do not forget the logistic nightmare when you have to get rid of them. So, here is what you should do to avoid the buyer’s remorse:

Consider the Lifestyles & Preferences

While it would be a dream come true to have everything your way, the chances are that you are probably not the only inhabitant at home. Who is going to use the space most often? Who is going to be the couch potato & who is going to be the seat warmer at the dining table? Do you have pets?

Carefully consider the size of your family and their needs. This is important in determining the type of furniture you need, its length, height, width and even the depth of a seat. It should be a consideration in choosing colours, fabrics, finishes and material as well. For instance, a delicate colour or fabric would not work well in a room where small children play.

Finding Your Theme

A new house is a like blank canvas and the possibilities are endless. While the idea of starting from scratch can be daunting, what can possibly be more exhilarating than furnishing your own space the way you want to?

Choose a style that complements your home. Go through Pinterest, magazines, catalogues and more to collect pictures that appeal to you. It will soon help you determine your own personal style if you don’t know it already

Start Measuring

The first step to planning out a layout is to determine its size. Use a tape measure or refer to your floor plan for dimensions. Or, a quick tip: Walk heel to toe across the room and count the number of steps. This is an easy way to replicate the dimensions anytime and anywhere to get a sense of space and size.

Then, check the dimensions of the hallways, stairs and door width leading to the space. This is the eternal challenge for all homeowner, being sure the entrances of the rooms are large enough for potential purchases.

& If you live in a high-rise building, do not forget the lift too! Most lifts in Singapore are able to fit up furniture to 2.1m but if you are looking for a longer sofa or table…check first! Nonetheless, there should be solutions to getting that 3m sofa piece into your space, check with the