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Using Shades of Grey As A Home Color Theme

One of the most important decisions making process when it comes to your home interior would be the overall colour scheme of the house.

Grey is the current trend when it comes to choosing amongst neutral shades, long gone are the days when the colour is associated to gloominess or sadness but now perceptions have swayed towards a more sophiticated and flexibile character trade. People are now looking at grey with new found respect and a way to ease strong contrast and pave a way for subtle yet impactful interior design concept applied throughout your entire home, be it the kitchen, living room , toilet, or bedrooms.

On top of that, this particular colour's availability in multiple hues will allow you to perform brave and trendy experiments, adding character and enhancing visual aesthetics!

Here are some examples:

Do you incorporate the same color scheme in your home? Like us to help you in conceptualising your home to be? Email us!

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