How to Spice Up your Interior with Local Flavour

Whether you are looking to furnish your newly built home, or simply a quick change in style of your current home, people commonly search for inspiration by browsing through interior home styling magazines and Pinterest.

Scandinavian? Minimalism? Modern? Or industrial? While you are busy “pinning” away onto your Pinterest board images that reflect your ideal home, you might come to realize that… while everything looks great and seem like they are taken out of an exotic home in a foreign country, it might feel just a tad bit foreign at times. Perhaps it would be nice to inject some personality to our home; something that feels familiar to our identity?

Indeed, Singapore’s unique history of being a melting cultural pot has resulted in the creation of a pretty distinctive culture that includes lingo, foods as well as cultural icons that are endearing and can only be understood by people who have lived in Singapore for a significant amount of time.

Here are some home accessories that you can be sure to spice up your home with some local Singaporean flavour, without burning a hole in your pocket!

The Joy Troopers

Over here, creative gifts and lovables are created through the various experiments The Joy Troopers attempt on. They are sparks of a small idea to thoughtful products that we think may beautify our lives in subtle ways.


Feeling nostalgic? Tutu Kueh is a popular traditional local sweet treat during our childhood days! This upsized snack makes it easy to cuddle with.

Or how about an Ang Ku Kueh for your special someone?

Nom Nom Plush