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Common Mistakes of Furniture Purchase

Make no mistake when you buy your furniture. These are considered huge ticket items for your home and it is usually a logistic nightmare when you try to refund the item.

Measurement and Scale

This is one of the most common mistakes we have seen homeowners make, a table that is too long or a sofa that seems too small compared to the coffee table. Before you enter any furniture shop, know how much space you can work with and where you are going to place your furniture.

Scale is also important, a TV console that is too short for your new TV will have you looking at the oddity instead.

Who will use it the most

I thought my wife/husband would like it… But she/he didn’t at all… If you spend most of your time on your couch, then you should decide on the seating comfort of the sofa. Consider who will use that piece the most. Pets are also a consideration.

Following fads/trends

There will always be trends for interior mentioned in magazines and websites. When you invest in furniture, know that you will be living with it for the next few years. Do not just buy because it’s what everyone has.

Interior theme and colour

Know your interior theme, work with a palette of colours that would suit your home. The last thing you want would be a clash of colours in your house. If you are unsure of the colour, go to the store to see a sample of the fabric.

Ask for help

If you are unsure if your furniture would fit your interior theme, ask the store. Feel free to ask how to maintain the furniture as well. Always speak to the sales rep as they often can give you more insights of the furniture.

Email to for furniture customisation and product enquries.

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